About me

My name is Sarah Rossi. I'm a 29 yo French woman born and raised in Corsica, a beautiful French island in the Mediterranean sea also called “L’Île de Beauté“. 
As a child and a teenager there I learned to see, feel and love the beauty of light, landscape and nature. 
Many of us enter college in an impressionable state. 
I know I did: Leaving sheltered, small hometown village for the dazzling, dreamy city of Paris. 

After being caught up in Paris' mantra of GO! GO! GO! for 5 years, I graduated from Sciences Po with a Master's degree in Public Administration.
The following years have been a wonderful experience: I worked as a business developer and a communication manager in France, the US, and I volunteered in India as a French teacher. 
I also achieved a childhood dream by becoming an animal keeper and worked 2 years in a veterinary hospital.
I've made my life an adventure: trekking in the South African savannas, exploring the Amazon rainforest, crossing the Atlantic ocean on a sailboat...
made me feel unconditional love for mankind and nature. Getting inspired everywhere I go I now live in Mexico.

Photography intuitively became my personal way to share my vision of life and enlighten people so they realize how Beautiful they are.
My tools: a digital single-lens reflex camera, my eyes, my heart, my sensibility.
My commitment: you'd never guess from my photographies that I am completely self-taught.